Happy weekend

Every year at Halloween I think I’m going to post at length about being forbidden to celebrate the holiday as a child.

(When I was six, my mom turned to televangelists for her religious instruction, began to frequent camp meetings, and substituted Hallelujah parties for trick-or-treating. Jack Chick tractIt was no big deal. After all, aside from the Jack Chick tracts (see right) given out in lieu of candy, and the fact that the choice of costumes was pretty much limited to angels and animals from Noah’s ark, Hallelujah parties were exactly the same as the real thing! I mean, don’t these people all look festive?)

But every year, come late October, it turns out I just don’t feel much like walking down memory lane. And this year I have to finish up an assignment and then worry about the election. So that’s it from me for the week.

My good friend Stephany Aulenback takes over tomorrow and every Friday. Have a good weekend and a Happy Halloween.


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