Gabo’s putas

Memoria de Mis Putas TristesI may as well admit that I’m tracking the piracy intrigue surrounding Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s latest book so closely because (due to a 1980’s Miami childhood) I get a perverse kick out of typing the word “putas” — particularly in association with Gabo. (In case you’ve missed my 5,000 prior mentions, the book is titled Memoria de Mis Putas Tristes, Memories of My Melancholy Whores.)

Does this make me a bad feminist?

So, big surprise, the novel is about a man who decides to celebrate his ninth decade by “having sex with a young virgin.” You know, I enjoyed this book the first time around, when the protagonist was merely in his seventies. But no matter. The vital question is: how long before Woody Allen buys the screen rights?

Evidently Garcia Marquez has gotten even with Bogota’s book pirates by tinkering with the final section of the novel before publication, thus rendering the counterfeit copies obsolete, or at least less desirable in the short term.


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