Former band geeks: look alive

Stephen Power, a Senior Editor at John Wiley, is looking to commission a memoir or narrative about high school marching band:

It could have an “American High” structure, in which a reporter follows a number of members of a band for a year, but the tone should be “Freaks & Geeks.” It could be something along the lines of “Drumline.” Or, and this is preferable, it could be a person’s wry memoir of his or her life as a band geek: weirdness on the bus, band sluts, the freshmen who steal your place, rivalries, loathing, the football team, what personality type goes with each instrument, etc. Knowledge of band camp and competitions would be a plus. The writer should also have some sort of platform, but let’s take things one step at a time.

This is not a formal competition. I might get nothing worth publishing. There’s no guarantee of a deal for someone, nor do I have any timetable or advance in mind. A 2-3 page query with a bio would be fine to start. A 10-15 page chapter outline would also be fine. Agents are welcome to respond too, of course, if they’ve got someone perfect for the job.

If you’re interested in writing this book, please contact Stephen directly at snow1985man [at]


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