Under the couch

When I was a kid, I worked puzzles under the couch.

I dumped out the pieces on the floor in front of my parents and company. Then I carried them off and put them together in hiding. That way nobody could see me making a mistake; nobody could watch me thinking.

I still like to work things out on my own. I don’t like to talk about projects until they’re done, don’t like to debate things unless I have all the facts and plenty of time to focus and figure out what I think.

I admire the spontaneous, thoroughgoing debate that occurs on some of my favorite blogs, but unless I’m completely pissed off or unusually moved I don’t tend to join debates on the spur of the moment. This is mostly because I need eons to mull things over on the rare occasions that that mulling is actually followed through to a conclusion.

I don’t like to talk about the novel I’m writing. I don’t like to talk about freelance writing assignments. Hell, I don’t even like to talk about movies until an hour or two after I’ve left the theater. So I’ve kept my writing life largely segregated from my blogging life, and the result until recently has been that in the past year I haven’t written much aside from things for the day job and what you’ve seen around here.

But with the encouragement of (read: regular beatings from) a friend, I’ve picked up the novel again and am writing daily.

The perfectionist in me wants to assure you that, if you wait it out, the days of the seventeen individual, considered posts will return.

No, that’s not true. The perfectionist in me wants to assure you that not only will there be seventeen posts a day but that each will, unlike the past ones, be smart and funny and contain an unforgettable bit of wisdom that you can write down on a small piece of paper and carry close to your heart for the rest of your life. The truth is, this is not going to happen. If I am ever going to finish any of the writing projects I have in mind, this site will continue to be unpredictable and scattershot, populated with those “Remainders”-style posts, and sometimes little more.

So, there will be links. There will be interviews with authors. There will be occasional reactions to books. There will be guest opinions. And there will be personal posts, which may or may not (despite my desire to hide under the couch) focus explicitly on my writing and the technical struggles I’m facing. If I didn’t have an unrelated office job, things might be different, but since I do it’s too difficult to keep the writing and blog separate, and I really can’t be dedicating more than two or three hours a day to the site.

As always, if things around here are not to your liking, I completely understand and encourage you to look elsewhere. Thanks for your patience.


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