Things that should be done differently next time

I was home sick yesterday and didn’t manage to eat much. As for last night’s readings, it turns out it’s not a great plan to emcee an event at an open bar when you’ve only had a cupcake for dinner. Never mind that the reading series itself is called Cupcake. I’m telling you: it’s not a good idea.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but open bar + cupcake for dinner = hideous, unthinkable hangover. Even if you don’t drink much.

On the other hand, drunkenness cuts down on the suicidal impulses typically aroused by cameras pointed in my direction. Until I go to sleep and dream of the bevy of unflattering photographs that will likely work their way onto the Internet.

I’m going to be honest with you, folks: unlike many of last night’s outstanding readers, I’m no beauty. Still, if you see photographs that make me look like an older Bette Davis but with day-glo skin and an onion head, give me the benefit of the doubt, won’t you?

Sorry for the late start today. Internet service is out at home, Mr. Maud’s brother has just returned from a two-month trip to Europe (I’m trying not to hate him), and I’m suffering from the almost-fall doldrums.


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