Things I know to be true but cannot yet face

An Associated Press article calls attention to blogs maintained by writers like Neil Gaiman, Jennifer Weiner and MJ Rose, and includes mixed quotes from publishers on the potential promotion benefits of blogging.

Writers A.M. Homes and Robert Olen Butler are quoted as saying they would never start blogs. “Without a doubt. No. I’m too busy writing to do a blog,” Homes said.

Longtime blog aficionados (okay, it was just over a year ago, but that’s eons in blog time) will remember that William Gibson discontinued his much-read blog with these words:

I’ve found blogging to be a low-impact activity, mildly narcotic and mostly quite convivial, but the thing I’ve most enjoyed about it is how it never fails to underline the fact that if I’m doing this I’m definitely not writing a novel — that is, if I’m still blogging, I’m definitely still on vacation. I’ve always known, somehow, that it would get in the way of writing fiction, and that I wouldn’t want to be trying to do both at once.


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