More on Operation Ohio

Operation Ohio, Stephen Elliott’s series of campus literary readings/ voter registration drives in that state, is discussed in the San Francisco Chronicle, with a focus on why so many Bay Area writers are participating:

[Elliott has] organized a number of benefit readings for at the Make-Out Room in San Francisco, and says he’s had no problem coaxing writers to join Operation Ohio. “Some were busy and a few surprised me with their lack of enthusiasm. But nobody said no for political reasons. I think in the literary community it’s really hard to find a Bush supporter.”

That’s particularly true in San Francisco or Berkeley, where the Democratic vote runs as high as 80 percent in presidential elections. “Here in Northern California I’m not only preaching to the choir, I’m living in the choir loft,” says [Tobias] Wolff. That’s why Elliot chose Ohio, widely considered the most crucial swing state. “As a swing state with 20 electors, Ohio could be pivotal,” says participating writer Julie Orringer (“How to Breathe Underwater”). “Ohio State alone has more than 50,000 students. A strong effort toward getting those students registered to vote could affect the outcome of the election.”


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