Mailer to appear on Gilmore Girls as obsessive tea-drinker

nullHere’s a sentence I wouldn’t have expected to write. Novelist and former bruiser Norman Mailer will appear on an upcoming episode of — wait for it — the Gilmore Girls, alongside his son, Stephen.

(The photo at right, taken from an August 9 New York magazine article on the Republican National Convention, is of the writer and another son, John Buffalo Mailer, editor of stoner mag High Times.)

According to the Hollywood Reporter:

In the Oct. 26 episode, “Norman Mailer, I’m Pregnant!” the younger Mailer plays a reporter who’s conducting lengthy interviews with the celebrated writer in the inn’s restaurant for a series of articles on Mailer’s life. (The elder Mailer hams it up a bit with a running gag about him irritating Lorelai’s partner in the inn by hanging around so much because all he ever orders is iced tea.)

“We just put the camera on the two of them, and they’d just sort of vamp,” Sherman-Palladino says. “Stephen would ask him these deep questions, and Norman would go on and on about his philosophy of writing, his favorite writers, the difference between fiction and nonfiction. Nobody even thought to yell cut. We were waiting for what he’d say next.”

A longtime alcoholic, Mailer is infamous for his combative ways and bad temper. He reportedly stabbed one of his six wives through the chest with scissors, narrowly missing her heart.

He appears to have mellowed somewhat with age. But the Gilmore Girls? (Thanks to Willa for the link.)


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