Late Thursday remainders

  • The new issue of The Threepenny Review is out. Few selections from it are available online, although there’s an appraisal I’ve yet to read of Somerset Maugham’s work (and, for the electro aficionados in the Maud household, a brief bit from Gideon Lewis-Kraus about Kraftwerk).
  • Of interest to some readers: Dave Eggers appears on Late Night with Conan O’Brien tonight. (News courtesy of Ms. Elizabeth Ellen.)
  • Russell Reich, a self-published author, argues in email to About Last Night that bemoaning the failings of the publishing industry is pointless when self-publishing is “a viable and potentially lucrative alternative for many writers.”
  • Speaking of book blogs, Ready Steady Book is one of several good ones I’ve recently started reading. I’d definitely add it and the others to my links list, if I ever used or updated my links list. Nowadays I only seem to read blogs through Bloglines.
  • And speaking of newsreaders, I’m concerned that my RSS feeds still don’t seem to be working for some people. Anyone (familiar with WordPress or not) know how to fix this?
  • Finally, I posted an item about upcoming Ohio readings below, but in case it gets buried I wanted to point out that college students in Florida, Ohio, and Wisconsin, can sign up now for a voting reminder call from a writer, possibly Tobias Wolff or ZZ Packer, on election day.


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