In which I take the ill-advised step of writing for print about blogging

In late June I wrote an article for Maisonneuve about this site and my obsessive devotion to it. I’ve reined things in (read: let things to to hell around here) since then, but the piece is out on newsstands and on the website today. Here’s a short excerpt from it:

Why I can focus my obsessions on a job or blog and not on my writing is anyone’s guess, but I blame my mother. Mom’s been a cat lady, a dog freak and a breeder of birds. In the 1980s, she set up a church and declared herself the pastor. She has, at separate times, been an Avon lady, a Nu Skin representative and a distributor of air purifiers. A few years ago, she crusaded against the family court system in Asheville, North Carolina, appearing on local talk shows in support of a friend whose children were taken away by the state. Now she has a garden so fruitful that she leaves extra produce in the neighbours’ unlocked cars at night so it won’t rot and stink up her yard. Mom’s given to great but short-lived passions. She needs to remain in motion. If blogs had existed when she was young, she’d have started one.

Due to space limitations, I was unable to mention all of the blogs I read regularly. For more recommendations, please consult the list provided in my 3 A.M. interview and on my links page.


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