TMFTML (may it rest in peace) is eulogized (fourth item) in the Paper of Record:


The acerbic blog of news, culture and media criticism called The Minor Fall, The Major Lift is stopping the virtual presses. The anonymous author, writing as TMFTML, has posted a “Dear Internet” version of a Dear John letter, saying, “Our heart hasn’t been in it.” The author began the blog in May 2003 out of boredom and disgust with poor journalism, sharing ruminations on news items and writing headlines like “If the East River Was Whiskey (We’d Go to Brooklyn All the Time).” Now TMFTML feels that “blogging is over,” citing attention in more traditional media. In an instant-message exchange yesterday, the author said, “I’m still disgusted, but I’m too tired to do anything about it.” A virtual morgue is online at


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