Book TV: reading not required

British TV fixtures Richard and Judy edge the business of publishing ever closer to a reality show with a debut novel competition for which first prize is publication by Pan Macmillan and a £50 000 advance. Good thing watching writers writing is about as much fun as watching Jell-O set, or somebody would try to make a show out of that, too.

Lest you think I exaggerate, take a gander at this thrilling segment, also on Richard and Judy’s agenda:

In [the] first instalment we send our five wannabe writers on an intensive creative writing course: we find out a little about them and their aspirations; hear how the creative writing course could help them and get some great creative writing tips from the published authors who teach the course.

And don’t forget another books show potentially in the offing across the pond: a “Jerry Springer-like” talk show in which readers review a book, “unaware the author is waiting backstage.” (First two links via Grimm Perspectives.)


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