8 dusty miles of books, and no sneezing

Beatrice notes that this Sunday, the 3rd, the Strand, a massive used bookstore “located just before the protest epicenter of Union Square,” is opening its new second floor for business.

If you’re sufficiently book-crazed to be excited by this news, but have allergies or live elsewhere or simply wouldn’t be caught dead spending your Labor Day weekend mixing with Republican National Convention-goers who’ve decided to make a holiday trip of it, you can catch a glimpse of the store and possibly the guests at the opening (which are said to include Art Spiegelman) on C-SPAN.

Or you could just kick back with a beer and a big, floppy hat at a barbecue. That’s the plan for the Maud household. That and fretting about the new, category 4 hurricane bearing down on Florida. And recovering from a massive hangover. And rereading Laila’s dispatches from Morocco.


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