Tips from Ginger Clark, literary agent

Hey, would you look at that? The lovely Ms. Ginger Clark, a literary agent of my acquaintance, was interviewed yesterday at Gawker. She shares some tips for writers seeking agents. Among them:

Also, it would be great if you didn’t pitch me books at conferences or conventions when I am, say, eating lunch with a client, or, I don’t know, going to the BATHROOM. Yeah, following me into the ladies’ room is NOT COOL.

I’ve got another tip for writers approaching Ms. Clark. In response to yesterday’s neighbor sex/domestic violence post, she wrote me, “You have it worse than us. Much worse. I’m so sorry. We just have the loud yelps and moans that could be sex? Could be Tourettes?”

So, a word to the wise: if you’re Ms. Clark’s next-door neighbor, and you want representation for your book, fuck quietly.


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