Tiger by the tail

Just got back from Nashville and am tuckered out.

The trip was good. My aunt and her family wined and dined us. They encouraged us to sleep late. And they ran interference with my grandparents — so while he started to gear up for it a few times, Grandpa didn’t cry and beg me to reconcile with my father.

We visited the Country Music Hall of Fame, where we saw the guitar Gram Parsons gave to Emmylou, some old gowns worn by Dolly Parton and Wanda Jackson, a few clips from Hee-Haw (yay, Buck Owens!), and tons of cool country doo-dads.

I couldn’t stop thinking about politics — Bill Frist‘s name is everywhere down there — but what else is new?

I know it’s been slow around here lately (Stephany’s excellent Fridays aside). I wish I could say it’ll be picking up, but in light of my schedule I’ll have to warn you to expect the same general crappy quality with flashes of original content through the end of the month.

My interview with A.L. Kennedy will go up tomorrow morning, though, so that’s something.


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