Small Literary Journals, Unite!

The third issue of the journal Hobart is now available and it’s a particularly good deal because it’s a double issue, jointly published with Monkeybicycle. (Does the joint publishing effort signify some sort of consolidation trend in the world of small literary journals? Will we one day have just one ginormous literary journal, the Walmart of literary journals? And if so, will we be able to purchase surprisingly cheap groceries and other items made from plastic and/or plywood from it? Who can say.)

The Hobart half contains stories by these lovely people: Pia Ehrhardt, Elizabeth Ellen, John Leary, Pasha Malla, and Shauna McKenna. And more. The Monkeybicycle half contains stories by some other lovely people including David Barringer, Ryan Boudinot, Dan Kennedy, and Ed Page.

Ed Page’s piece contains one of the best lines ever written. He has Jesus say, “Whosoever believeth in me, go nuts.” That alone, my friends, is well worth the 14 bucks.


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