Save the Children, Write a Sequel

A children’s hospital in Britain that owns the rights to to JM Barrie’s Peter Pan stage play has issued a challenge to prominent children’s book authors to write a sequel to the story. Philip Pullman and Jacqueline Wilson have already declined. As yet there’s no comment from JK Rowling.

It will be interesting to see if anyone well-known bites. Since that’s unlikely, agents and publishers may nominate writers — up to “two each.” There are a lot of conditions. The writer would have to keep to the hospital’s “brisk timetable.” Furthermore, “the hospital would hold copyright, including crucial film rights, in the sequel, but would split publisher’s royalties with the author. Its lawyers said the author ‘could reasonably expect to participate in the exploitation of film rights.'”

The fact that the U.S. copyright expires in 2023 has spurred the hospital to action — most of their film revenue comes from the U.S.


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