Daily remainders, part 2

  • While we’re on the subject — of Checkpoint, not horseshit — today I received automated email from Amazon notifying me, based on my purchasing history, that the novel appears on August 10. The message opened with this sentence: “We’ve noticed that customers who have purchased The Fermata, also purchased books by Nicholson Baker.” You don’t say.
  • In a talk with literary interviewer extraordinaire Robert Birnbaum, Andrei Codrescu says large publishers take a scattershot approach — “[t]hey just publish a lot of things” — and reveals that two of his books published by Simon & Schuster received almost no promotion.
  • David Foster Wallace’s lobster article has Gourmet readers in a tizzy.
  • The Reading Experience contends that Sam Tanenhaus, editor of the New York Times Book Review, has “hidden his true agenda in spin and sleight-of-hand.” (Thanks to The Elegant Variation for the quick pointer to Mr. Green’s post; I read The Reading Experience regularly, but tend to check in when I have time to digest the posts properly.)


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