And they say the Times can’t attract a young audience

The New York Times Book Review, Rolling Stone, and Men’s Journal are among the publications slated to run excerpts from Tom Wolfe’s I Am Charlotte Simmons, due out in early November.

While Rolling Stone and Men’s Journal can’t wait to run the “naughty bits,” Book Review editor Sam Tanenhaus “selected one of the tamer passages.” Even so, Times censors have taken out their red pens. Cuts will include the “terms ‘need some ass,’ ‘get some ass’ and ‘get laid,'” to be replaced “with the words ‘sexual activity’ in brackets.”

Oh, sure, that’s just as good. Nothing’s lost there.

Reminds me of a story Padgett Powell told in a fiction class at U.F. If memory serves, when The New Yorker accepted his short story, “The Winnowing of Mrs. Schuping,” for publication, it was on the condition that Powell change the description “big butt sheriff” to “big bubba sheriff.” “Butt,” evidently, was too risque.


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