Uncle Sam’s Book Club

What, are they trying to increase the number of non-reading adults? The Republicans have blocked an amendment to the USA Patriot Act that would’ve limited the government’s power to “investigate your reading habits.” The vote was close:

The effort to defy Bush and bridle the law’s powers lost by 210-210, with a majority needed to prevail. The amendment appeared on its way to victory as the roll call’s normal 15-minute time limit expired, but Republican leaders kept the vote open for about 20 more minutes as they persuaded about 10 Republicans who initially supported the provision to change their votes.

Maybe there should be some sort of grass roots movement as a response — everyone should make a point of checking at least five really inflammatory or controversial books out of the library each week and then make a display of reading them in large groups in public places like Central Park. Kind of a reverse book-burning. With those t-shirts that feature Uncle Sam showing off a different finger.

Link via Bookninja.


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