Technical difficulties

Last night my (nightmare of a) hosting service summarily disabled this site after I inquired about an error message that read “User maud has already more than ‘max_user_connections’ active connections.”

I’m still recovering from a migraine induced by the blind, violent rage that ensued, and for legal reasons it’s probably best to avoid going into detail about the injuries inflicted.

You can probably tell that the site isn’t quite itself. The crackerjack software expert is in the process of upgrading the blog software, and there are some design details that still need to be worked out. Stephany Aulenback may post this afternoon, or she may not. Either way, the site won’t look right until later this weekend. There’ll be a new RSS feed as a result of the switch. I’ll post it here when it’s available.

Oh, and I’m just starting to go through a two-week backlog of email. I’ll write you back eventually, I promise.


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