Robert McCrum calls for less innovation in fiction, heralds the revival of interest in the classics, and hates on You Shall Know Our Velocity and the like.

Nicholas Murray’s new Kafka bio is said to undermine “Kafkaesque” as currently used.

New York is Book Country organizers plan to relocate the festival from Midtown to Washington Square Park, but Greenwich Village residents bemoan the “imposition on our neighborhood.” “Which just goes to show how dead the West Village really is…” say the Bookninja lads.

In response to the expensive New York Times itinerary I mentioned this weekend, the Periscope provides a poor writer’s guide to Iowa City.

After hearing good word-of-mouth reports, I’ve been paying more attention to reviews of The Preservationist, a retelling of the Noah’s ark story.

The cult of Dickens is alive and well.

Literary accessories. Funky laptop cases.

“A new standard form that literary magazines might use to communicate to poets where, on a scale of 1 to 5, their poem had landed.”

And, very sad: Paula Danziger (The Cat Ate My Gymsuit and other books for girls) is no longer with us.


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