Bloggers: less useful than Aunt Jessie, possibly equals of Star Trek convention-goers

CBS columnist John C. Dvorak characterizes bloggers’ coverage of the Democratic National Convention as “an undecipherable mess” — also, “laughable,” “self-congratulatory,” “vapid” and “ludicrous.”

“Aunt Jessie gossiping with friends in the Nebraska delegation should be doing the blog. That way there is a long shot chance that something interesting will come out of it,” he says.

Yet as Athenae at Atrios notes, Dvorak does allow that:

like the legions of Star Trek fans who pour over every episode frame-by-frame to find flaws, bloggers will, in fact, become the watchdog of the media, combing news reports, and keeping everyone honest.

“Well, John, for starters, it’s ‘pore over’ not ‘pour over,'” Athenae says. “Now where did I put my Spock ears?” (Thanks to Geheimbundler for the link.)


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