In Serbia: a million ways to say “fuck you”

Compiling the lexicon of Serbian swear words is more difficult than you might think, a participant at an international conference about Serbian swear words has discovered — not only because there are so goddamned many ways to say “fuck,” but because the curses tend to be situation-, tense- and ethnicity- specific. To wit:

  • “fuck your God!”; used on the way to a soccer game
  • “you ain’t worth half a cock,” a Slovene insult


    “you ain’t worth have a cunt of water,” its Serbian equivalent

  • “march on your mother’s Chinese cunt!”; used at anti-Milosevic demonstrations, “to reflect [his] fascination with Communist China”
  • “There’s no end to our luck, the gravediggers are licking our balls!”; to celebrate a sports victory
  • “learn well son, and become an intellectual — I will so that nothing is a pain in my ass, so that I won’t have a chain around my cock — i.e., I won’t be enslaved”; to be sung by a Serbian rock singer to a university class
  • “Motherfucker! where’ve you been?”; business greeting

(Thanks to Dana for the link.)


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