Winterson hearts Belle de Jour

Jeanette Winterson implores the press to stop trying to unmask prostitute-blogger Belle de Jour and refute her sex stories:

If Belle is somebody’s alter ego -like Dame Edna or Mrs Merton, then please can we keep her? Give her the publishing deal and a talk show. Let’s join in the game as adults instead of whining like disappointed children who have found out there is no Father Christmas.

Our obsession with Reality TV and True-Life Crime and Tales of Ordinary Folk, is as flat and dead a hell as we can make for ourselves. Here is somebody larger than life, why cut her down to size?

I say, let Belle pump up her oil-filled Wonderbra and get on with the party. And it is touching, anyway, in a society fixated on personal fame, that Belle is happy to keep us guessing.

(Via Beatrice.)


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