Two more links and then let us speak no more of this

Bill Clinton’s memoir: Not so interesting. The after-shocks: Highly entertaining.

Over at Slate, a merciless condensation:

Clinton as Edward George Bulwer-Lytton
Page 1: The book’s inauspicious first line reads, “Early on the morning of August 19, 1946, I was born under a clear sky after a violent summer storm to a widowed mother in the Julia Chester Hospital in Hope, a town of about six thousand in southwest Arkansas, thirty-three miles east of the Texas border at Texarkana.”

Clinton on Trannies
Page 8: New Orleans was an amazing place after [World War II], full of young people, Dixieland music, and over-the-top haunts like the Club My-Oh-My, where men in drag danced and sang as lovely ladies.”

At TMFTML: The mutant but oddly exquisite love-bastard of Bill Clinton and Willy Faulkner.


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