Toibin’s ‘The Master’ continues to garner praise

Daniel Mendelsohn admires Colm Toibin’s novel about Henry James, even if he sees the subject as ultimately remaining an enigma, while in the San Francisco Chronicle Edward Guthmann calls the work ‘an exquisite tale that places us in James’ mind’.

In a New York Times article that Maud linked to last Tuesday, Mel Gussow discussed the coincidence of Toibin and David Lodge writing novels about James:

Although there are striking differences between the books, they are complimentary rather than contradictory. Whenever possible, each shows how people and events in James’s life inspired his art. Each holds to the facts of his biography, and the books have the same cast of major characters: James’s family and his two significant female friends, his cousin Minny Temple and Constance Fenimore Woolson, both of whom served as models for his characters.

Lodge’s novel, Author, Author, will be published in October.


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