Off to Canada

Stephany Aulenback takes over this site every Friday. Since I first emailed her a year and a half ago, we’ve exchanged hundreds of messages about writing, blogging, and the most intimate details of our lives (read: she tolerates endless rants about my family), but we’ve never met.

On Saturday morning I’ll fly to Nova Scotia to visit her (read: plague her with my self-absorbed monologues in person) and work on my novel (read: reacquaint myself with the joys of computer solitaire).

I’ll be gone for a week and won’t post much, if at all. Stephany may pop in from time to time (if she doesn’t hang herself in preference to being seen with with me and the hideous new haircut that friends try to assure me “looks really punk rock“).

CAAF, with whom you are already (you lucky dogs) familiar, will be posting at her site but will slap up occasional news items and funny business here.

She’ll be joined by one of my very best friends, the versatile, whip-smart, and sexily British Emma, who’ll bring you periodic links and commentary and (if you’re very lucky) possibly Caitlin Flanagan-bashing. Emma’s novel-in-progress would fill my heart with jealousy if I didn’t love her so much. She values her privacy, so I’ll say nothing else except this: if you’re lucky enough to meet her and you’d like to continue breathing, don’t ask what the novel’s about. You don’t want to know what she did to the last unfortunate inquisitor.

Dana, she of the karaoke wars, originally promised to post, too. Now she’s “unexpectedly busy” and “working on something important.” (Get up off the cold tile of the bathroom floor, darling. Your AA cohorts are on their way.) We at still adore her, of course, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t going to do everything we can to make her life a living hell for the foreseeable future.

Have fun! Stephany’s in tomorrow, and I’ll resume posting on Monday, the 29th, or thereabouts.


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