Notes on the grand old Badger state

Not too long ago, it reported that a bookstore in Milwaukee was selling booze along with books. As a proud native of Wisconsin — hey der! — and as someone who has on her journeys home enjoyed a nice warming bowl of beer-and-cheese soup in the Milwaukee airport (true!) it didn’t surprise me that my people’s great ingenuity in regards to alcohol was being applied to the realm of books. After all, we’ve pretty much exhausted the other items with which alcohol can be paired, including: curling, the Packers, bratwurst, turning donuts in snow-covered parking lots while listening to Rush at deafening volumes, ice-fishing, and wearing a hat

Other people were intrigued too and investigated further. John Rambow of Fodor’s blog was bothered by the question of whether or not Ocooch Books & Libations had a place to drink on premises or if it served merely as a retail outlet.

He emailed the bookstore and reports to “[It]turns out that they just sell the wine and the beer–you can’t curl up in a corner with your Leinenkugel [a local brew] or whatever. On the bright side, they also sell the hard stuff. Which could be very helpful on a wintry night. That and a book of your choice, of course.”

Well done, John! Go have yourself a Leinies.


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