Notes from the lady in too-tight hot pants

This post was written by guest blogger Carrie Frye.

This is what they call stunt-blogging: Here at Maud Newton, every week is going to feature a Gemini turning 33 at the week’s close.* Stupendous, isn’t it? We admit this will be harder to keep up after June 20, but ingenuity will prevail.

So I, Carrie A.A. Frye, will be posting today through Thursday, with Stephany Aulenback here on Friday. (Many of you may have been away on holiday last Friday and missed this fine post, among others.)

Whenever possible I will point out the age of an author in question, with some commentary: “David Foster Wallace is 43. He lifts weights and does squats to keep up his leg tone. His first book, a frothy riposte to the philosophical work of Anaxagoras, was published when he was 8. The publication of his newest book of short stories is like a dagger through my heart. “

A word of warning: Should any precocious 16-year-old get a multimillion dollar publishing contract this week, posting may be interrupted. When it resumes, you may find that it takes the form of a Webcam remote from a darkened bedroom. You’ll hear Billie Holliday faintly in the background and the various clinks of a glass, ice and a bottle. At first it will appear that the hump of sheets on the bed is simply moaning. But listen closely, the fine literary coverage at will be underway, as I recite the ages of various authors when they were first published: “Mary Shelley was 17 when she wrote Frankenstein. Zadie Smith was …. AARGH.”

* This is kidding. If you don’t know this, please take a moment to bop yourself on the head before dropping Maud an email.

Emails may also be directed to me at caaf at maudnewton dot com.


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