Imagine that: in Ireland, journalists learn to interview, rather than fellate*, their subjects

While I was away last week, Irish reporter Carole Coleman raked Bush over the coals — which these days means simply that she questioned him like a reporter rather than a PR whore. Mr. Maud recited the interview nearly verbatim upon my return and after we finished cackling with glee I tracked down all the commentary at Daily Kos and similar political sites but figured the U.S. media would continue to bitch about Michael Moore’s film and ignore the implications of Coleman’s actual journalism.

Today Boing Boing links to John Nichols’ nice, short opinion piece entitled, “Pampered Bush meets a real reporter“:

The president complained five times during the course of the interview about the pointed nature of Coleman’s questions and follow-ups – “Please, please, please, for a minute, OK?” the hapless Bush pleaded at one point, as he demanded his questioner go easy on him.

After the interview was done, a Bush aide told the Irish Independent newspaper that the White House was concerned that Coleman had “overstepped the bounds of politeness.”

*Sorry, Steph.


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