Easier to write in L.A.

Mark Sarvas interviews Swink founder Leelila Strogov. Swink is bi-coastal, but founded in L.A., so among other things they talk about the literary culture in the City of Angels:

What is the L.A. literary scene, per se?

LS: It’s very funny but I don’t think people realize there actually are a lot of writers in L.A. who are transplants from the New York literary scene. I was just at a dinner party over the weekend with Meghan Daum, Darcy Cosper, and Lisa Glatt, and I mean Megan and Darcy are originally from New York … and I’ve heard that Ann Holmes is actually working on a book out here. The lifestyle is so much easier here, I think it’s actually a lot easier to get the work done here.

Strogov also says she’s committed to reading unsolicited submissions and has taken stories from the pile: “The slush pile doesn’t tire me. I’m really excited because it’s doing a lot better than I ever dreamed it would have done.”


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