Because maybe the under-five set won’t notice it sucks?

Having abandoned her planned memoir, Mariah Carey now intends to tell the story of her life in a children’s book, the latest contribution to the growing pile of celebrities’ kiddie offerings. The book, it seems, will double as a promotional tool, titled “‘Automatic Princess’ — the same name she uses for her fashion and accessories line.” (Thanks to Karla for the link.)

I feel I should rail against the moronic publishing establishment that continues to pollute the endless river of shit that now passes for children’s literature,* but there’ve been so many of these stories that I don’t have the fight left in me.

Jean-Claude Van Damme to pen children’s book about unicorns and rainbows? No problem! Mel Gibson tells the story of Jesus’ death in an illustrated book for children ages 2-6? Sure, why not? And they ask why I don’t want to have a baby.

* Phrase stolen from Ang and reconstructed


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