Be afraid. Be very afraid.

The CNN headline: Inmate with prosthetic limb at large

Dateline: Nashville, Tennessee

The lede: Three inmates, two with artificial limbs, escaped from jail by squeezing through an 8-inch gap onto the roof and using bed sheets to descend three stories.

Sorry, not especially literary, but somehow crying out to be shared. Perhaps it could inspire a short story? Or a Charles Portis novel? Actually, it’s hard to think of who would be the appropriate author to bring this story to book form.

Related: A friend of mine is reading Robert Sullivan’s Rats, which she says is excellent. She mentioned that Sullivan describes how rats have collapsible spines that allow them to squeeze into small areas. I think that’s sort of what I’m picturing here.

There. Is that enough of a literary connection to rationalize posting this on Maud’s site?

UPDATE: Just thought of the writer for the job – Larry Brown.


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