Still More Beckett for Babies

The mock-up of the Beckett for Babies board book is almost finished. I’d like to thank all you lovely people out there in the internetland who emailed — or even snailmailed! — hilarious photographs of your very attractive but discontented offspring to us. That said, we’re still looking for the perfect photograph (preferably two or three perfect photographs, actually) to go with this text:

First baby: That passed the time.

Second baby: It would have passed in any case.

First baby: Yes, but not so rapidly.

Originally I wanted a series of photos of two toddlers stacking blocks and then knocking them back down to accompany that dialogue. I am no longer so rigid. If you have a couple of shots of two babies or toddlers doing anything baby-or-toddlerish that would be suitable for that text, we’d love to see them. stephka at maudnewton dot com. As soon as I find these final images, I’ll take out an ad for Beckett for Babies in the New Yorker, right next to the one for those cat lapel pins.


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