Reminder: CAAF and Stephany take over this week

We at have been enjoying a restorative break from this site and the Internet in general. We have avoided the newspapers. We have read books, written some things for pay, watched the first six episodes of The Office, fed a friend’s cat and said goodbye to another friend who’s moving to the West Coast. And we have become consumed with such pedestrian problems as, wow, now that I’ve let the gardening go so long that there’s poison ivy all over the wall and the back steps and probably throughout the shrubs and flower beds, is there some spray I can buy to kill the ivy or do I have to pull it out by hand?

We just logged on to check our email for the first time in three or four days and discovered this message from a friend:

So it’s late on a Sunday night and I’m flipping channels and come across you and [Mr. Maud] on my TV. Elvis and Lucinda Crossroads… So strange to see you on my TV, in Los Angeles, in such a random way.

We fear that we may have to pull out our tape of this very Crossroads show (we ended up in the front row at the taping despite our hatred of cameras) to see if our haircut and red dye job from that time are as ill-advised as we remember them being.

With all of these important things on our agenda, it’s a relief that we’re not slated to post again until next Monday, the 6th, when we will emerge from our break refreshed, with better focus and 200% fewer neuroses.

CAAF (Carrie A.A. Frye) will be posting from Tuesday through Thursday of this week. Stephany Aulenback will be in on Friday.

Thanks again for your patience and encouragement in the face of our rampant (but now waning) depression.


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