Lapdancing for writers

Spurred by the New York Timesrecent review of performance-based literary readings citywide, Philip Graham suggests courses to familiarize his creative writing students with “the latest strategies for keeping a fickle audience’s attention at fiction and poetry readings.” Graham’s suggested classes include Musical Character Introduction, Sock Puppet Characters, and Bungee Reading.

Meanwhile, some would-be book-clubbers are foregoing the whole reading thing in favor of cocktail clubs. “‘It’s much less commitment than a book club,’ [one cocktail club member] says. ‘And you don’t have to drink all week in preparation. How many people have time to read?'” (Via TMFTML.)

Another option is to combine cocktails with book discussion, as my book club does. Everyone gets much more passionate about that Rhys novel after the fifth martini. So far we’ve only had three injuries.


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