Here’s how this works

I hate making these announcements. But due to Monday’s New Yorker article and all the fucking hoopla that’s followed, I’m not going to feel comfortable posting around here until I say a few things.

Yes, I’m working on a novel. Yes, at some point I’ll look for and decide on an agent. Yes, my talent and ability to sustain a narrative for 60,000 words are doubtful. But I would like to correct a few misapprehensions that the article seems to have engendered:

(1) Much as it would be a challenge to try to construct a novel-length narrative from the endless stream of unconnected, unsubstantiated drivel I post here, it is not a challenge I wish to take up.

(2) I have been working on some of the stories that form the basis of the novel for five or six years, now — long before I started this site. So the site has not inspired me to undertake novel writing. If anything, it has detracted from that goal.

(3) I am not in the practice of shopping around unfinished work. My classmates and professors at City College have seen what I’ve written so far. I recently showed a draft to my husband for the first time. No one else has seen it. And with the exception of a few friends, no one else will see it until I have finished a full draft that does not make me want to pluck out my eyes and run screaming through the streets.

(4) I’ve said it before, many times, but this site is not a professional endeavor. Anything I post here, aside from those author interviews, since I actually feel a responsibility to the people participating, is just some shit I cobbled together in a few minutes when I should have been doing something else. I don’t hold myself out as an expert in anything, except perhaps state tax law and crazy parents.

(5) While I’m at it, I may as well say that although I would like nothing more than to mention every reading that is going to occur in New York City in the next fifty years, since announcements for all of them seem to find their way into my inbox, this site is not an events listing service and unless someone else would like to take up the task of putting a list together and posting it here it is unlikely that your event will be listed.

(6) This is not fun right now. I’m taking a break of indefinite duration. Stephany Aulenback will post on Friday. Have a nice weekend.


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