Definite duration

Thanks for the kind email. I’m reading through it, and I appreciate it, and I should have plenty of time in the next ten days or so to answer every last message. Assuming the electroshock therapy takes and they let me out of this institution, I’ll be back on June 7.

Stephany will be in tomorrow and next Friday. And CAAF has offered to take over the site from Tuesday to Thursday of next week. You’ll remember that she did a bang-up job last time. I think she’s going to try something new.

I’ll be away again from June 19 – 26. I’m going up to Nova Scotia to meet Stephany (she sent me the first two seasons of The Office for my birthday; how much do I love her?) for the first time and do some writing there.

Thanks again for all the support, everyone. Sorry for the drama. Have a great weekend, when it rolls around.


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