More on Kingdom Hospital

On Wednesday, Maud asked if anyone was watching Stephen King’s new TV show Kingdom Hospital. Stephen S. Power comments:

As a huge fan of the first two installments of the Danish series “The Kingdom,” I’ve been watching the Stephen King version with some despair. Every episode up until last night’s was the palest of shadows of the original: there’s no richness, no mysteriousness, no humor except the most forced kind, little of quirkiness of the original, and much telling instead of showing. Scenes went on way too long, and the same few pieces of information were retold again and again so even a three-year-old used to the narrative devices of the Teletubbies would get it. In other words, these episodes were like Stephen King novels. Last night’s episode, however, was fantastic, like a good episode of Twin Peaks. The secret: The teleplay was by producer and novelist Richard Dooling, not Stephen King. I have high hopes for future episodes if Stephen King has been discharged from Kingdom Hospital.


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