Michael Bergin and his ghostwriter

The investment banker over at d-nasty has the inside scoop:

A lot of people will no doubt criticize Michael Bergin for his new book, “The Other Man: A Love Story,” in which he relates in vivid detail his naive romance and illicit trysts with Caroline Bessette Kennedy.

There are many excellent points to be made against Bergin, including but not limited to the fact that it is fairly scuzzy to write smack about dead people, who, owing to their highly diminished circumstances, have only limited ability to defend themselves.

Yet my vapor-like network of contacts in the publishing world has yielded the original manuscript as submitted by Bergin before it was overhauled by his ghostwriter. Things could have been much worse…

Michael Bergin wrote…

“She was just like, ‘Whatever!’
I was like, ‘WHAT-EVER!'”

His ghostwriter suggested…

“‘Please don’t hate me,’ she said.
‘I don’t hate you,’ I said. And I didn’t. I really didn’t. Carolyn had been more than a lover. She’d been a best friend, an adviser, a guide, an angel. How could I possibly hate her?'”

Michael Bergin wrote…

“I booty called her and then we like passed out on her couch.”

His ghostwriter suggested…

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