Lemony Snicket author protests school’s policies

Recently I mentioned that the Academy of Art University in San Francisco reacted to a creative writing student’s violent and explicit short story by expelling the student and firing his writing instructor.

Neil Gaiman (Coraline) quotes email he received from Daniel (Lemony Snicket) Handler regarding the stringent policies put in place by the school since the incident. These policies regulate:

the content of students’ artwork (writing, visual art, film, video game design, etc.), what can be taught in the classroom, and who is allowed to speak on campus. This was brought home to me when an instructor at the college invited me to speak to his class (along with the fired teacher and a representative of the First Amendment Project) and I was physically barred from entering the building.

(The San Francisco Chronicle article linked from Handler’s email indicated that Handler has joined forces with Michael Chabon and Dave Eggers to raise awareness of the school’s new policies.)


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