Lauren Slater furor

A week or two ago I linked Deborah Slater’s angry reaction to misinformation about how she was treated as a child by her father, the renowned behaviourist BF Skinner, in Lauren Slater’s latest book Opening Skinner’s Box. Now others, including prominent psychologists Slater writes about in the book, come forward to say that it is riddled with misquotes and misinformation, according to this article in the Times Online. (Via Publishers Lunch.)

Princeton bioethics professor Peter Singer reviews the book favourably in the New York Times Sunday Book Review. He notes several errors but ends with this:

Though careful readers may want to check some of Slater’s assertions, “Opening Skinner’s Box” is a very readable, if highly personal, account of what we know, and don’t know, about human nature, and of the ethical issues raised by our efforts to find out more.

Carolyn See also reviews the book in the Washington Post today.


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