86-year-old woman “fell to writing”

A Seattle Times article about 86-year-old LaVonne Snowden’s self-published book:

At 77, with little more than a sixth-grade education, Snowden began writing about the fictional residents of “Paw Paw,” working from the memories of her own life in the mountains of Missouri. She rose every morning to write from 4 until lunch, thumbing through dictionaries and thesauruses now held together by Scotch tape at the spine. When she was done, years later, her son had the book typed up from longhand and paid to publish it.

Because it is a self-published novel, most major newspapers would not review “A Little Child Shall Lead Them.” But through word of mouth, the 500-page book has made its way around the community and beyond. She has gotten phone calls from readers in Texas, Arkansas, Wyoming and Missouri.

Via Notes in the Margin.


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