Yes, that’s right, Wadsworth

The New Yorker is once again accepting unsolicited submissions. TMFTML offers some tips on breaking into the magazine with your nonfiction.

Mr. Nine Years, who as Mr. Maud has observed updates his blog approximately that often, has a clerkship interview with a federal judge in Texas on Friday. I would like to wish him luck by repeating a literary insight he now denies having or voicing:

When I was a callow undergrad, I chuckled over “Longfellow.” Now that I’m a bit older and wiser, I realize that “Wads’ worth” is actually much funnier.

From Cliffster Notes, by Darby Lawson (no permalink yet):

Frankenstein by M.S.:

A scientist builds a person. The built person kills the scientist’s family and friends because after he got built, the scientist freaked out and ran away like a little pansy-ass coward, and now the built man feels so sad and neglected that he wants to kill people. He asks the scientist to build him a woman because he’s horny. The scientist does, but she gets killed. Then the built person kills himself. The End.

Karen Sneider’s The Ghostly Passenger is a “ghost story with a hidden agenda.”

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