Private: Write today, yesterday, and tomorrow

Suzan-Lori Parks talks with the Seattle Times about how to write a play:

The first secret is: Did you write today? Another one is: Did you write yesterday? The third is: Are you gonna write tomorrow? And that’s about it.

(Thanks to my playwright friend Tim for the link.)

Monica Wood says the “intensely prescriptive” approach of John Dufresne’s The Lie That Tells a Truth: A Guide to Writing Fiction “will anchor the newbie and entertain the veteran.”

Elena Lappin argues that the Booker Prize competition should be broadened to include U.S. writers. Kitabkhana links to a letter from Amitav Ghosh taking issue with the Commonwealth category and withdrawing his novel from consideration, and points to this commentary from Amitava Kumar.

Peter Wild of Bookmunch is the guest at Bookslut this week. Yesterday he was soliciting questions to ask Douglas Coupland (Generation X, Hey Nostradamus!).

A new image for GQ?

The Courier-Journal of Louisville, Ky., is searching for staff members for a new weekly publication targeting 25- to 34-year-old readers with a heavy emphasis on lifestyles and entertainment features. (Via Tom Mangan’s excellent Prints the Chaff.)