Private: Wonder of wonders

Thomas finally disagrees with Scalia. (Thanks Matt.)

Incidentally, have you seen How ’bout the knockoffs?

I’m a little slow on the uptake here–I’m sure you’ve all already seen this one–but a smartygirl directed me toward the best Onion article ever:

Whereas early feminists campaigned tirelessly for improved health care and safe, legal access to abortion, often against a backdrop of public indifference or hostility, today’s feminist asserts control over her biological destiny by wearing a baby-doll T-shirt with the word “Hoochie” spelled in glitter.

Also, a friend just emailed me the Bush scorecard. I may have encountered it before, but it’s really filled out in the last couple of months.

Finally, this just in: US Releases New Photo Evidence of Iraqi Violations. (Thanks Joseph.)

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