Private: We’re feeling political around here this week, but don’t worry: soon we’ll be back to rainbows and puppies

From Dong Resin’s letter to the middle class:

Say! Saw 60 Minutes last night, on which there was yet another big todo over the recent trend of corporate “outsourcing” to the 3rd world….

Of course, I can’t help but notice that for the past 30 years you were just fine with the real working class, blue collar service industry types, (you know, the lazy people) being reduced from an actual tenable lifestyle in which you could afford to live and feed yourself, to an unrealistic slave existence of “working poor” thanks to outsourcing.

Did I ever mention that the foundation of a society is its lowliest workers? Probably not such a great idea to let that crumble like you have, but then there’s lots of cool cheap shit at Wal Mart, so it balances out. You’ll see! It’s not so bad. Did you know you can get a DVD player for $40?! You can’t get medicine for $40, but you can damn sure get motherfucking DVD players, which are almost as good.