Private: We love it when he’s cranky

Monk seems to be PMS-ing or something the past few days, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Not only has he jumped all over a Toronto journalist who had the nerve to criticize his hometown (Rochester), but today he takes on this summary, from the New York Times Op-Ed page, of an opinion piece entitled “Swearing Fealty to Ethanol“: “The Democratic candidates have begun lip-servicing the corn-based gasoline additive ethanol in anticipation of their caucus in the corn-based state of Iowa.”

According to Monk, this sentence:

examples the dangers of what I like to call Verbing the Noun….

“Lip-servicing” has such a tawdry ring to it that is somehow missing from lip service. When I go to a customer service desk, I expect to be asked if I am being served, not if I am being serviced.

“I think you’d be able to tell if I was being serviced. There’s this face I make…”