Private: Valentine’s Day exchange with coworker

Coworker’s email:

M1 and M2 [two younger male coworkers] are wearing the same color blue dress shirt so I told them its v day and they should be wearing red–[M1] said i’m not into valentines day—I said you’d better be you’re married now—he said his wife isn’t into it either—i said trust me —bring home flowers–am I right?

My response:

I’m a bad person to ask. I like flowers any time, but I don’t like Valentine’s Day–you know, the whole manufactured holiday argument. When I was in college and even more perverse than I am now and surrounded by sentimental, red-clad Floridians I always made a point of wearing black on Valentine’s Day, even if I was dating someone.


Oh I don’t need to make a big deal, but really could a bunch of flowers or a nice dinner hurt?


Flowers never hurt. But I don’t like to go out to restaurants, etc., on V Day because everyone else is out and even my favorite places are packed with couples trying their damnedest to be sexy and romantic while peering fearfully at their neighbors and wondering if everyone else is having a sexier, more romantic evening.


and Black that is just sad — whats wrong with a hoiday in the middle of the bleakest days of winter that reminds you to tell people you love them—and it often involves chocolate—now what could be bad!


I believe we have previously established that I’m a freak.

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